Our product - the "Hybrid Crane Base”


Hybrid foundation

The hybrid foundation consists of two steel structures that can be divided by a bolted connection. The dimensions were chosen to make loading and transport to and from the construction site efficient and simple. Thus, the hybrid foundation parts are transported to the construction site together with the crane parts.

The installation possibilities are very versatile, as the pressure distribution on the ground is lower than that of a conventional foundation while the dimensions remain the same.

In the future, the system will specialize in a modular design, which will allow flexible installation of different crane manufacturers by means of adapter plates. This will improve the handling of the individual parts and increase flexibility when using different types of cranes.

Your benefits with our hybrid foundation

  • No restrictions for motor vehicles and pedestrians (roadway, parking spaces and sidewalk remain passable without barriers)
  • More cost-efficient than concrete foundations
    (high savings compared to conventional solutions)
  • Increase of own added value, which profitably benefits your company.
    (up to now this lay with the construction company due to the concrete cube)
  • Rapid return on investment with a virtually maintenance-free service life of over 30 years.
  • Reduction of more than 15t CO² emissions per installation compared to conventional reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Elimination of 1-2 transports, as the foundation is delivered together with the first tower sections.
  • Clear competitive advantages by using future-oriented technology in construction negotiations.

Mobile passageway

Our adaptation of a passageway to the hybrid foundation sets a new milestone in terms of mobility. The mobile passage is a space-saving solution for the large number of construction sites in urban areas, as it keeps the sidewalks and thus also most of bike paths and parking spaces free.

The Passage is characterized by its easy mounting to the hybrid foundation by means of a screw connection and easy transport to and from the construction site.

The combination of the hybrid foundation slabs with the add-on walk-through passage also results in the following advantages

  • Pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as many parking spaces are preserved
  • 100% barrier-free for all pedestrians


No diversion of the lanes

  • No restrictions for motor vehicles
  • No restrictions for bicycle traffic
  • No need to block the parking lane on the vis-a-vis side

No blocking of the sidewalk

  • Passable for pedestrians
  • Passable for wheelchair users

Barbaragasse mit Kran

Traffic with conventional solutions

POSSIBILITY 1 ➡ Blocking the sidewalk

  • Passengers have to move to the other side of the street
  • Only useful in small alleys

POSSIBILITY 2 ➡ Diverting traffic

  • Sidewalk remains free
  • Closure of a large number of parking spaces near construction site
  • Usually not possible on streets with streetcars/tramways