About us


Overcome challenges

In order to overcome the most difficult challenges, special solutions are often required. We have made it our mission to revolutionize tower cranes and the associated ground foundations and have developed the Hybrid Crane Base.


Hybrid crane foundation for tower cranes

The hybrid crane base solution saves more than 15 tons of CO2 per installation and reduces concrete waste to a minimum. This is because while conventional concrete foundations are disposed of after a single use, the Hybrid Crane Base can be reused for more than 30 years.


Preserve pedestrian, bike paths and parking spaces

In urban areas, construction sites add to the already tense traffic situation. We have found a way to reduce the space required for our crane foundation to a minimum: With the add-on of a mobile passage, pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as parking spaces are preserved.

The team and how it all started

In terms of functionality and sustainability, tower crane foundations have been stagnating at almost the same level for decades - this is the conclusion Thomas Kainzmayer identified while countless professional visits to construction sites. Convinced that there must be another way, the idea of a hybrid crane foundation was born. Years of relevant professional experience in the construction industry and a wealth of experience soon turned the idea into a concrete conception of this innovative solution.

When the idea was presented to family and friends, it quickly became clear: the Hybrid Crane Base would be a joint project. Andreas Auer, Michael Götzenbrugger and Eric Herdel invested their technical know-how in the calculation and construction of the new type of foundation until a concept was worked out that combined all the desired improvements and innovations.

The Hybrid Crane Base had taken shape. A patent was filed and the first three prototypes were manufactured in the same year.

And the story continues...