Hybrid Crane Base

With the hybrid crane base, clunky reinforced concrete foundations for one-time use become a thing of the past. The public area should be available to pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles without restrictions and in a resource-saving manner, even during construction sites.

- Thomas Kainzmayer, inventor and managing director of HCB -




Reduction of more than 15t CO² emissions per installation

compared to conventional reinforced concrete foundations


Rapid return on investment

with a virtually maintenance-free service life of over 30 years


Elimination of 1-2 transports

as the foundation is delivered together with the first tower sections


No restrictions for motor vehicles and pedestrians

roadway, parking spaces and sidewalk remain passable without barriers


More cost-efficient than concrete foundations

high savings compared to conventional solutions


Increase your sales volume and profitably benefits

so far this lay with the building contractor and the concrete cube


The innovative idea, with all its advantages, is impressively simple in its execution.
This simplicity of the solution manifests itself in maximum acceptance of the innovation by developers and passers.

Fundament CAD

The difference, gentlemen, is that you could have done it, whereas I did!

- Christopher Columbus to the Egg of Columbus -

Hybrid Crane Base - video